soft beauty essentials

hi im azia!! you may know me from my other brand prty grl beauty xx

i started formulating in 2020 and opened my first wholesale business. after a few rebrands, here we are as soft beauty wholesale. i wanted to build a community of like-minded business besties; a place where we could connect and help each other. through my love of self care and knowledge of running a small business, i'm here to help you start or grow your brand xx

only the best for your brand

our promise

at my core, i strive to be more than just a consultant or coach for small business owners, service-based beauty workers, and content creators. i want to be your business bestie - the one who listens to your dreams and goals, who offers advice and guidance when you need it most, and who celebrates your successes with you.

my mission is to empower you to achieve financial freedom and create a thriving 6-figure brand. whether you're just starting out or looking to take your business to the next level, i am dedicated to providing affordable guides and recipes that deliver real results. from branding and marketing to legal and financial advice, i am committed to meeting your unique needs and helping you reach your full potential. so let's work together, grow together, and create the business of your dreams - because you deserve nothing less!