💁🏽‍♀️ why are your biz sales so low? let's identify the problem...

💁🏽‍♀️ why are your biz sales so low? let's identify the problem...

hey bestie!

as a small business owner, there are many problems that you'll have to face along the way. from low sales to pricing challenges, it sometimes feels like a revolving door of chaos. my main goal with this brand is to help you make money babe, and through that, i strive to teach you how to increase your small business traffic and sales AND learn all about passive income streams. for me, i wasn't really able to make money until i was honest with myself and identified my problem(s). nobody is perfect and that is perfectly fine, the best asset is being able to identify your issue and create a solution.

as you read on, make a checklist of all of the problems you have with the solution attached. as you work through the list, check off each item once you've solved the issue!

here's why your brand might be struggling with sales, and the solution:

1. lack of brand visibility: small business owners often struggle with low sales because their brand is not well-known or visible to their target audience.

solution → (free) make sure your social media accounts are set up for optimization with my free 30-day biz glow up workbook


2. ineffective marketing strategies: poorly executed or ineffective marketing strategies can result in low sales for small businesses. you may struggle with reaching the right audience or fail to effectively communicate the value of their products or services.

solution → ($67) learn how to market effectively with my business bestie marketing guide. learn how to put most of your marketing on auto-pilot with email and sms, and learn how to market for free using social media,


3. limited customer reach: small businesses often face challenges in expanding their customer reach, especially if they have a limited local presence or struggle to attract customers online.

solution → ($99) learn everything you need to know about going viral on social media with my pink profit playbook course! this course teaches you exactly how to go viral on social media and then teaches you the steps you need to take to convert those viewers into shoppers!! 


4. intense competition: small business owners may find it difficult to compete with larger, more established competitors who have greater resources and brand recognition.

solution → (free) learn everything you need to know about branding with my 30-day biz glow up workbook. when you have a solid brand image and mission, this helps you differentiate your business from the competition.


5. inconsistent sales efforts: inconsistent sales efforts, such as irregular promotions or insufficient follow-up with leads, can contribute to low sales for small businesses.

solution → ($67) business bestie marketing guide! learn how to automate your promotions/emails/sms (let your marketing work by itself while you focus on bigger things). think marketing on autopilot.


6. pricing challenges: setting the right pricing strategy can be a challenge for small business owners. If prices are too high, it may deter potential customers, while pricing too low can undermine profitability.

solution → price your products at x3 what it costs to make/source them. if it costs you $5 to make 1 body butter, charge at least $15. now let's (with that example in mind), you want to charge $25 for a body butter, then you need to have a clear image of your target audience in mind and only market to them. you wouldn't market this to stay at home moms or college students, you would market this as a luxury product to someone who is willing to spend excess on body/skincare products.


7. limited marketing budget: small business owners often operate on limited budgets, making it challenging to invest in effective marketing campaigns or reach a broader audience.

solution → ($67business bestie marketing guide! learn how to market organically (for free!) with this $67 guide!!


8. lack of customer trust: building trust with customers can be challenging for small businesses, especially if they are relatively unknown or have limited customer reviews and testimonials.

solution → build trust with your audience through social proof, reviews, testimonials, Q and As, brand stories, behind the scenes posts etc.


9. inadequate product differentiation: small business owners may struggle to differentiate their products or services from competitors, making it difficult to attract customers who are seeking unique offerings.

solution → stay unique to your brand image and mission. refrain from copying other businesses and focus on creating something new, different, and innovative!


10. inefficient sales processes: small business owners may have inefficient sales processes or lack the necessary sales skills to convert leads into customers, resulting in lost opportunities and low sales.

solution → ($67) business bestie marketing guide! learn how to effectively collect leads (emails and phone numbers) and convert that into sales!


when you're ready to invest into your biz, start with my business bestie marketing guide. learn how to effectively market through email, sms and social media. this guide also includes: 

  • marketing basics (problem/solution)
  • determining your target audience
  • examples to plug into your content
  • branding to stand out
  • email and sms marketing (how to start and do it effectively)
  • tips to build your email/sms lists
  • how to set up an effective password page
  • social media marketing
  • how to monetize your social media accounts
  • marketing to go viral
  • examples of hooks and call to actions


then when you complete that, head over to my pink profit playbook course to learn how to reach your target audience, go viral, and convert those viewers into traffic and sales for you biz. my pink profit playbook course also teaches you how to:

1. master the art of social media marketing: unleash the power of Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to grow your brand and captivate your audience like never before.

2. drive sales with captivating content: learn how to craft eye-catching hooks and compelling calls to action that turn followers into loyal customers, generating a steady stream of sales for your business.

3. maximize your reach and engagement: discover the secrets to setting up your content for viral success, leveraging repeat customers, and converting your dedicated followers into enthusiastic shoppers.

4. elevate your brand presence: gain the confidence to showcase your products with behind-the-scenes stories, customer testimonials, and social proof, creating an irresistible allure that sets your brand apart.

5. swipe the spotlight with irresistible promotions: explore effective strategies such as limited-time offers, product launches, and customer giveaways that create a buzz and entice your audience to visit your website and make a purchase.


thanks for reading cutie, until next time...

azia xx


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